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  Vigorpower will keep researching and developing new products, providing perfect

products and service to customers by technology advantages 

13 Years


  Shenzhen Vigorpower Battery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer, mainly produce and

sell high discharge Ni-Mh/Lipo/Li-ion/LiFePo4 batteries.


  EP brand high power & capacity Ni-Mh battery,Lipo battery, is widely used for RC cars/boats/

aircrafts/airsoft guns, EP battery enjoys high popularity in RC field worldwide. In addition, EP

battery is also used for power tools/communication equipment/Lighting.


  Shenzhen Vigorpower Battery Co.,Ltd established in 2005, now contains 1220 employees, plant area approx 10000㎡, R&D team run with over 50 engineers and technicists. Annual turnover 

US$35,000,000. Vigorpower is one of the few domestic manufacturers for Ni-Mh &

Lipo battery R&D, producing, packing. Both Ni-Mh high power battery and Lipo high discharge

rate battery, quality and performance are leading in the industry. Vigorpower had been

awarded "National High-tech Enterprise" Our battery products not only got ROAR、IFMAR、

BRCA、EFRA certifications in RC industry, but also got ISO9000:2000、CE、RoHS、UL 、MSDS、

SGS safety certifications.

Immovable property $38,000,000

Dormitory area 15000㎡

Over 1000 employees


Battery manufacturing 13 years

1000 employees

Factory floor area 25000㎡




Our battery brand "EP" base on it's high rate of continuous discharge time, high discharge performance, win the champion in many RC events .


EP high discharge rate lipo battery mainly used for model airplane, UAV, car, FPV quadcopter, most of EP batteries export to Europe, American, Asia ect, got highly reputation from customers!

Anhui Enrichpower Battery Co.,Ltd

Add:90 Chuangxin Ave,Baiyan Technology Park,Hefei High-Tech DevelopmentZone,Anhui ,China.

SHenzhen Vigorpower Battery Co.,Ltd

Add,11 Building,Northern Yongfa Indurstrial Zone,Yanchuan Chaoyang Rd,Songgang,Shenzhen,China.

VIGORPOWER will keep researching and developing new products, provide perfect

products and service to customers by technology advantages .

  Shenzhen Vigorpower Battery Co.,Ltd set up a subsidiary Shenzhen Enrichpower Battery Co.,Ltd in Anhui Hefei high-tech district at 2011. Enrichpower industry park total area 33000㎡, project investment total US$40,000,000. Now the factory area total 25000㎡, office area 3000㎡,a building of dormitory 15000㎡, new production equipment cost US$9,500,000, we have 4 advanced lipo battery production lines. Enrichpower Battery company has 300 emplyees,R&d technician 45 person work with advanced testing machines.

  Since Enrichpower established in 2014, after 3 years of production and operation, now daily production capacity reach 8000Ah, annual production capacity 2500000AH,annual turnover US$35,000,000.

  Enrichpower battery company is ISO9001 certified enterprise, has 12 patents at present, now applying for national high-tech enterprises.